Honolulu, Hawaii | How To Make This The BEST Family Portrait EVER + Holiday Specials | Oahu Family Photographer 

It’s that time of year again my friends!  Time to start planning the family Christmas portraits.  Okay, I know what you’re thinking- it’s only the middle of September and we haven’t even had our candy corn fix yet!  I know, but if you’re like me, you look forward to this picture all year.  The picture you will share with your whole family, the one that will proudly sit on the refrigerator door at every friend’s house to be stared at and shown off proudly.

For those of us here in Hawaii, this is THE most important picture of the year.  Sure there’s the cute picture of the kids in their pastel outfits at Easter and holding the pumpkin in October, but this is the FAMILY portrait.  This one picture where we pry dad from his arm chair and dress the girls in their sparkly dresses and put reindeer antlers on the dog!   This is the special one that Grandma will show off to her friends in the grocery story.  The one that makes even your older brother jealous!

So how can you make this year’s picture stand out?  How can you make different from the past years?  Here are a few ways to stand out from the crowd and make sure your Christmas portrait really is merry and bright!

Beat the Rush– Instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving, start early!  If the kids are at least 1 year old, you can easily take your pictures in October or November.  The kids will still look the same when Saint Nick comes to visit.  PLUS, you get extra time to send out those greeting cards!

Set a Theme– Instead of the usual red and green sweater (which aren’t really practical in the Hawaiian sun), set a theme for your family’s sessions.  Love to surf? Bring out the board and throw on your baggies!  How about a blue and white nautical theme?  Hawaiian shirts and dresses for a “Hawaiian Christmas” on the beach, complete with a Hawaiian “snowman”?

Forget the matching– Instead of everyone wearing the same matchy-matchy outfits, set up a color pallet!  Teal and purple for the kids, pink and blue for mom and dad, various shades of greens for the whole family, etc.  Mix in a pattern or two with your solid colors to add a pop and some interest. 

Get Personal– Hate the sand at the beach? Head to the local Christmas tree farm!  Can’t stand the smell of pine?  How about a session with downtown Honolulu decorated in the background instead!  Your pictures should ALWAYS show your personality and make you feel at home!

This year’s Holiday Specials will be available throughout October and November!  I wanted to give you all enough time to plan and take your portraits, before Miss Anora makes her debut!  I will ONLY be shooting through Thanksgiving this year, since I’m due in early December.  Cards will still be available and must be ordered before December 10th, to ensure they have time to be ordered and delivered before I do. 😉   Email me at amymichele.photographer@gmail.com to set up your session today!


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