Honolulu, Hawaii | Dove’s BIG Announcement | Personal

Our Little Dove has some BIG news she’s been dying to share!  A few weeks ago, Dove and I sat down to have a little talk.  It was rough, but I explained that her position has become…out dated.  She nodded in agreement, tears were shed and we came to an agreement.  Instead of Dove being responsible for all the cuteness, sass, trouble and messes, we decided to bring in an assistant.  Dovie will be in charge of training her new assistant when he/she arrives this fall.

Big Sister Announcement-1

Big Sister Announcement-6

That’s right!  Our little family of 3 will become a family of 4 this fall!  We are so excited to FINALLY share the news.  We look forward to meeting our newest family member and can’t wait to find out what we are having!  So far, all is well and everyone is doing great.  I’m a little touchy in the mornings, but so far so good.  Nick is more than excited and Dove is learning her new role as big sister.

Big Sister Announcement-2

Big Sister Announcement-3

Big Sister Announcement-9

Big Sister Announcement-10

Big Sister Announcement-11

Big Sister Announcement-12

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