Aiea Loop Trail- Aiea, Hawaii| Dear Andrew | Oahu Family Photographer 

This is an open letter to one of my favorite clients.  Andrew and I had our first session together here in Hawaii 1 1/2 years ago.  Before that session, I was told my his mom, Emily, that Andrew has aperger syndrome and may require some extra care during their family portrait session.

This afternoon I met up with Andrew and his family for another family session before we all leave Hawaii.  Andrew did a wonderful job, but was feeling a bit stressed during our session, so I wanted to to say a few things to him about our session tonight.
Dear Andrew,

Thank you so much for letting me take your pictures again!  You have grown so much since we first met and took your last photos on the beach.  I’m so proud of you and a the handsome young man you are turning becoming.

I know it can very hard to follow directions when they don’t make sense to you or when they make you silly, but I am very proud of you for trying.  You did a very good job of holding onto Nala, your dog, while we took pictures.  I can tell you love her very much.

At the end of your session, you were very upset.  I know you had to take a few minutes to calm down and I am so proud of you for doing so and then returning to finish the pictures.  Everyone gets upset at some point, but not everyone would come back to finish the job.

I wanted you to see one of your pictures.  I want you to know that you didn’t “ruin the pictures”.  You are a genuine, beautiful, person and you were only being yourself.  I hope you enjoy this picture of you and Nala (I cried when I saw it) and I hope you will remember how special you are.

Thank you for being you.

Best Wishes,


One thought on “Aiea Loop Trail- Aiea, Hawaii| Dear Andrew | Oahu Family Photographer 

  1. what a handsome young man and a beautiful dog….you keep on being you and take your time with things in your life…you can get past things that make you upset but it happens to adults too..sometimes i have to take a step or two back too and i am 7o yrs old..YOU ARE GOING TO BE AN ASTOUNDING YOUNG MAN..JUST KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE….


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