Honolulu, Hawaii | Aqua Sweater + Nude Heels Project | Siggy Q Month 1 + 2

Is this really happening?!?  Is my baby really 10 weeks old already?!?!

The last two months have been a whirlwind of emotions for all of us as we adjust to life as a family of 4.  Having 2 girls under 3 years old is a lot of work, physically and emotionally. Add in exclusively pumping again and oh boy!  It can be challenging and exhausting, but it’s so worth it.

I love seeing my babies grow and start getting those baby rolls. 😍 Siggy has almost doubled her birth weight already!!!  She is one of the sweetest babies ever, always smiling and ready to snuggle.  Her little giggle and voice are starting to develop and we can’t wait to hear what she will sound like a few months from now.

Of coarse, Dovie had to be included in her pictures because, well, that’s what big sisters do!  They “help” mommy take pictures by sitting right behind their baby siblings and trying to hug, hold and shush them. 😆

Here are her 1 month photos:

Lifestyle image of one month old girl swaddled in aqua sweater
  liefstyle image of newborn feet next to mother's high heels

Lifestyle photo of one month old swaddled in mother's sweater next to her high heels

toddler snuggles crying newborn sister in lifestyle photo

Toddler covering embarassed by crying newborn sister in lifestle photography session

And here is her 2 month session:

two month old looking at camera in aqua sweatertwo month old infant with chubby arms and double chin in Honolulu Hawaiiinfant arm rolls and double chin detail photoinfant blonde mohawk hair detail photo in Honolulu HawaiiInfant and toddler siblings touching toes during lifestyle session in Honolulu Hawaiitoddler cries next to infant sister while photobombing lifestyle sessionCrying toddler in pink pajamas rubs eyes in Honolulu Hawaii


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