Second Child Syndrome | Honolulu, Hawaii | Aqua Sweater + Nude Heels Project | Siggy Q Month 5

Poor baby Siggy!  Second child syndrome is real and she definitely gets to short end of the stick sometimes, but she takes it all with a smile on her face.  Life gets so much busier with 2 kids under 3 and I have completely missed out on taking picture of Siggy’s for 2 whole months!  I feel so bad for not taking 30 minutes out of the month to do this project with her.  I feel like Siggy gets ignored sometimes because she is so sweet and calm and Anora is just this crazy tornado of toddler mood swings and sass.  I make it a point to try to spend one-on-one time with each of them, but some days it feels like every time I look at one, the other needs something.

It’s hard to believe that Siggy has been a part of our family for only 5 month.  It really does seem like she’s always been with us.  She’s such a little ray of sunshine and her happy disposition is just so wonderful.  She sleeps through the night and her sister’s morning yells and squeals.  May favorite part of the morning is when she opens her eyes and looks at me with a big ol’ gummy grin and then stretches her arms over her head.

Right now she’s teething and we can feel her bottom teeth coming up.  Even through the teething pain, she smiles 90% of the day. She really is just the happiest baby!  And boy can this girl eat! 😄 28oz of milk a day.  I’m so glad I have been able to keep up with her so far. Exclusively pump is hard work, but it’s so worth it to see those little chubby cheeks and baby rolls.

Yesterday Siggy got her first taste of big girl food: homemade apple sauce.  She loved it so much she was leaning forward and trying to grab the spoon.  Her big sister was standing by to help show her how it was done. 😆

These girls are so wild and compliment each other so well.  Siggy is a warm, smiley breeze to Anora’s wild, sassy whirlwind.  Don’t get me wrong, Siggy has a sassy streak of her own and just learned how to pull her big sister’s hair.  Oh! The trouble these girls are going to be in just a few short months! They really do love each other, but I can already see the knock-down-drag-out fights we’re in for later on.

I truly hate that I have missed photographing so much of Siggy’s life so far.  I’m going to do everything I can to be better about it in the future.  I plan to pack her sweater and heels in our luggage hen we move next month so I can still keep up.  I’ve even come up with some ideas next month’s shoot, since it will be our last one in Hawaii.

In the mean time, check out this doughy little bundle of love and smiles!

5 month old baby in aqua sweater smiling and chewing handsmiley 5 month old girl in aqua sweater by Amy Michele Photographychubby baby with nude colored heels and aqua sweaterchubby baby with double chin looking and high heelsmiley 5 month old  breastfeed baby with rolls in lifestyle photolifestyle photo of chubby baby with serious face in HonoluluBaby on belly smiling with eyes closed in Honolulu lifestyle photosblack and white lifestyle photo of happy baby on belly by Amy Michele Photographycute baby with red hair on pink quilt in Honolulu lifestyle photography sessionclose up lifestyle picture of baby with chubby cheeks in Honolulucollage of baby with blue eyes smiling and laughing  in Honolulu sessionSiggy Q_5 Months_Mint + Nude Project_Amy Michele Photography_WEB-35

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