Danielle’s Babywearing Mini Session | North Shore, Hawaii | Motherhood Photography

I had never heard of Babywearing until I had our first baby.  Kind of silly since this practice goes back to the dawn of man.  There are picture from around the globe and across generations of women-and men- Babywearing.

If your not familiar with this art form, it’s the practice of hold your baby in carrier, usually a woven cloth, or now a baby carrier like a baby Baby Bjorn or Tula.  It really is an art form when you look at some of the knots and holds that can be used.  I mean really!  Naval knot tie ain’t got nothing on these ladies!

I was so honored to be able to work along side Danielle Droppa Photography when she asked me to help with a photo shoot for the Babywearing International group here in Oahu.  It was there that I met another Danielle and her gorgeous daughter Elsa.

I immediately feel in love with Danielle’s chic style and Elsa’s sweet and wild personality. They two are just the perfect little peas in a pod.  

Danielle chose to use her beautiful royal blue Maya ring sling to hold Elsa in and it complimented them both so well!  Ring slings are my favorite type of baby carriers because they are so easy to use and can hold babies from infants to toddlers.  I will admit, I’m a bit jealous of Danielle’s gorgeous print on her ring sling and the way it compliments both her and Elsa’s skin tones! I have two of my own, but neither are nearly as pretty as this! 

I think the best thing about babywearing, is that you can hold your child close and still be able to use your hands for cleaning, working, shopping or in Danielle and Elsa’s case, playing and tickling! 🙂 Elsa really enjoyed being able to giggle and throw herself back while she laughed, without Danielle having to fear her falling out of her arms.  And when Elsa grew tired towards the end of our shoot, she was able to snuggle up to her momma and find comfort in Danielle’s kisses and back rubs.

Thank you so Danielle for being allowing me to capture this wonderful, sweet time between you and Elsa.  Babies grow so fast and being able to hold on to precious moments like these is sure a wonderful treat.  

  babywearing mom in maya ring sling with floppy hat  
boho mom and toddler in Maya ring sling in Haleiwa, Hawaii  toddler giving mom a kiss in blue Maya Ring Sling  
mom in floopy hat tickling toddler while babywearing in Maya ring sling  toddler and mom  playing while babywearing during motherhood portraits in Haleiwa Hawaii  
toddler smiling in ring sling during motherhood photo session  mom and baby smiling while babywearing on Hawaii North Shore  
close up of mother with toddler in ring sling during photo session  mom comforting toddler in Maya ring sling on the beach on Hawaii North Shore  
baby smiling and snuggling in Maya ring sling on North Shore Hawaii  mom comforting toddler while babywearing on North Shore Hawaii, Haleiwa 
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