The #1 Way to Make Your Photos Look Amazing | Oak Harbor, WA | Seattle, Tacoma + Whidbey Island Photographer

The last 2 months we have spent traveling and moving have me thinking: These days it seems like our whole lives are digital.  

Movies, TV shows, news, house searches, directions- everything can be found online or on a digital platform.  We live our whole lives connecting to each other, and ourselves, through our phones, tablets and computers.  So it’s no wonder when we have professional photos taken, our first question is “Are digitals included?”.

I get it!  Really I do.  I have some of my family photos saved on my phone.  I use them as the background for my desktop and I share them like crazy on my Facebook and Instagram pages. 

I love having digital copies of my photos to share with my friends and family that live far from us, but do you know what I miss most  and what I can’t wait to get into our new home? It’s not my washer & dryer, couch or my mixer (although they are all high up on the list).  It’s our pictures, the ones on the walls, desks and shelves- the ones that make where we are home.

Maybe I’m just sentimental or old fashioned, but I truly believe that pictures are meant to printed.  To be hung on the walls, framed and looked at constantly to remember how much you love the people in them.  I love that we now have so many options for printing our beautiful memories; from high quality paper to canvas and metal to acrylic and even leather! 

toddler and dad playing during lifestyle session by seattle photographer amy michele

There are 2 printed and framed photos and a metal print in our old dining room. Can you find them all?

Gone are the days where we were limited to only a 3×5 tin type.  Now we can choose to print a 2×3 wallet on linen or bamboo paper or a 24×36 wall portrait on canvas.  We can print albums that tell the story of our families in 5×5 or 12×12 sizes with canvas covers and beautiful matte pages.

While I 100% agree that digital images have their place and thier uses, I think we put too much stock in just having digitals these days.  I mean, let’s think about this logically for a minute.  

You pay to have pictures done, you buy new outfits, you wrangle the kids, bribe the spouse and make sure everything is perfect.  Then…you ask for all those perfect, beautiful photos to be on a flash drive?!?  A flash drive that you will use to upload those photos to Facebook, maybe email a few to grandma and then, it gets tucked away for “safe keeping” until you can print those pictures.  Days become weeks, weeks becomes months and before you know it you are looking to have photos done again and you never even printed the last ones.  Can you even find that flash drive?

Science has proven that haven pictures on the wall helps instill us with a positive sense of self value and self-worth.  When we see photos of ourselves it helps raise our self-esteem and triggers endorphins.  Plus, very few things feel better than walking past a picture and thinking how stellar you looked in that outfit or having your child tell you that you look pretty in that picture. 

This is why I strive to help my clients find the perfect layouts for thier walls.  By using specialized software, I can show every client what third images will look like, in varying sizes, in each room, before a nail is ever struck.  

gallery example using shoot & sell  by seattle photographer amy michele

Sample layout created during a viewing session with past clients

This ensures that every client can have thier gorgeous art on the walls in the ways that will suite them best.  It’s as easy as choosing a picture, choosing the size that fits your space best and placing the order. Isn’t that easier than trying to remember to print photos that have been tucked in forgotten spot ages ago?!?

So the next time you have portraits taken, I strongly urge you to order prints before you order digitals.  While digital images are great for archiving, they just don’t pack the punch of printed photos!  Also, some photographers offer web-sized images of portraits that you have printed, so you may even get the best of both worlds! 😉
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